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I did change the desktop folder location to D: for security and backup. However now it seems to be that D: is some how incorporated in Desktop, like if they are only one unit?

How I can revert this? Go back to the original setting? Why it happen?

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If you set your desktop location to the root of the drive, (e.g. D:\), then yes, all contents on that drive would now be part of your Desktop. Notice that generally the desktop location is C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\, a subdirectory, not the root C:\

As for reverting back, just use whatever directions you had before and reverse them. You may need to copy files from D:\ to C:\Users\Desktop if you created new items.

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Thanks Ernie, can you further explain. It seems to be that now D and the desktop are only one folder. It actualy appears as D in Users!! – Daniel May 1 '13 at 17:54

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