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I have a Windows 7 VPN Error 619 claiming that a connection did not go through. On the server end I am running Ubuntu Server 13.04 and the system log is obviously establishing a connection, merely dropping out at the authentication process

LCP ConfReq id-0x1 ....

It will typically say "this last message was repeated 8 times" before severing the connection and failing.

I have managed TCP 1723 and GRE 47 port forwarding and VPN passthrough within my router, as well as disabling my firewall to troubleshoot. I am able to get Mac OSX to connect swimmingly and without issue.

I am using two Cisco Routers (client: Seowon Inc Model SCW-9100 server: Cisco DPQ3925)

Any thoughts? Please help me out!

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After LCP Confreq I meant to type out (asyncmap 0x0) (auth chap MS-v2) –  Rodrigo May 1 '13 at 20:52
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