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I just bought an ASUS R503U, it came with a pre installed Windows 8. I want to change the OS. The problem is I cant seem to boot from the DVD drive. I have accessed the BIOS and only have one boot option "Windows Boot Manager.." with a Fast Boot Option and A Launch CSM option that is disabled. Adding a Boot option involves adding a path, this is where I'm stuck.

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Asus suggest these steps on their webpage:

  1. Insert CD into the optical drive. Your Notebook PC needs to be powered ON.
  2. Restart the laptop. Press ESC when you see ASUS logo and then select the optical drive (may be labeled as "CD/DVD") from ODD. Press Enter to boot from the CD.
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Doesnt work..tried that over and over again – Pitseh Ndonga Poghie May 3 '13 at 7:45

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