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Is it possible to find a centralized location and/or listing of all set keyboard shortcuts used within Firefox, including keyboard shortcuts enabled by miscellaneous add-ons?


I've seen Windows programs and utilities that can show the setting of system-wide keyboard shortcuts, but haven't found the ability to do this within a program, such as with Firefox.

Other than iterating individually through each and every add-on, is it possible to do this? If there isn't some type of add-on or utility that can do this, surely there must be some manner of centralized location somewhere in the system where these keyboard shortcuts are stored/accessed (e.g., registry, about:config settings, etc.)?

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This is only a part answer. The shortcuts are listed here: Mozilla shortcuts The problem with this part answer is it will probably become outdated quickly.

You could always download this plugin and view the shortcuts currently in use in Firefox, but I'm not sure if this extends to other plugin's shortcuts.

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