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Doing a dynamo load into redshift I got this error that didn't show up in the Redshift docs or as a literal string into google at all.

# copy redshift_table_name from 'dynamodb://DYANAMOTABLENAME' credentials 'aws_access_key_id=XXXX;aws_secret_access_key=YYY' readratio 98;
ERROR:  Invalid end Key specified
  error:  Invalid end Key specified
  code:      9005
  context:   Table Name = DYNAMOTABLENAME
  query:     1042978
  location:  table_dynamodb_scanner.cpp:242
  process:   query0_s0_26 [pid=21105]
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This happens when the hashkey or rangekey in the dynamo table don't have corresponding columns in the redshift table. Make sure they exactly match in name and have suitable types.

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