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On my W7 box at work I send some jobs off to some nodes on a cluster, then when I want to check which nodes have sessions open on my W7 box I usually just type NET SESSION at the cmd prompt and I get a list of computernames returned. However lately I get this:

C:\Windows\system32>net session

Computer               User name            Client Type       Opens Idle time

\\xxx.xx.xx.124        xxxxxxxx                                   1 00:07:00

\\xxx.xx.xx.126        xxxxxxxx                                   1 00:24:37

\\xxx.xx.xx.126        xxxxxxxx                                   1 02:03:49

\\[2002:811f:1a78::8...xxxxxxxx                                  25 01:17:18

\\[2002:811f:1a7a::8...xxxxxxxx                                   3 01:57:19

\\[2002:811f:1a7a::8...xxxxxxxx                                   1 01:57:04

Anyone know why this is happening and how I can make NET SESSION start returning computernames again?


I see someone has already voted to close this as off-topic. I don't see how that can be the case, but let me clarify. I don't have much experience at the cmd prompt. I tried using nbtstat -RR to refresh names but that had no effect (more in hope than in expectation). I should like to be able to selectively issue net session \\computer--xxx /delete but I don't know the names of computers with open connections. i get three with IP addresses and the others look somewhat like MAC addresses but I am not sure.

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