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Is there anyway that we do this mapping in pentadactyl :

map <Leader><Esc> :<C-z><Esc><cr>

I've tried but it doesn't work. Thanks :)

P/S: I knnow that it's not possible to send the <Esc> to browser but I don't know if we can send a combination of it.

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please avoid these kind of questions . They dont provide positive discussion. – adithya Aug 13 '13 at 19:32

That must be possible, as some users configuration shows:

You can inspire you from their configurations.

The problem in your case is that you must use map, nmap, cmap and so one (regarding what mode you want to edit) to map keys. set is to define values, options. Not keys.

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sorry, I typed it wrong. In those configuration, they only map from other keys which don't combine with <Esc> to <Esc> – nXqd May 3 '13 at 11:18
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I was my typo problem


map <Leader><Esc> :<C-z><Esc><cr>


map <Leader><Esc> <C-z><Esc><cr>
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