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Back in the 90s I remember there were online e-mail services that allows you to send e.g. 10 free SMS messages to cell phones per month.

Does anyone know if services like this still exist? Preferably to cell phones in Germany?

On our current cell phone plan, we are paying an amazing 29 cents per SMS and I'm looking for a free way to get around this, e.g. from a PC or if I get a 10 Euro a month flat rate on my cell phone, then just send SMS messages via that service and side-step the expensive SMS rate.

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Check out this article on eHow and this one on makeuseof.

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Yep, pretty much all the cell providers allow (short) e-mail delivery to cell phones. Generally, the proviers' web site will have instructions for converting a cell number into their particular SMS gateway. E.g. (or something along those lines) And the "general" services simply do a prefix lookup for you to determine the recipient's cell provider. – JMD Oct 22 '09 at 20:55

You can find links to free web-sms services on There are more than 100 free sites mostly of German origin, and a few premium sites.

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