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Is there any vb script to query a modem that is connected to one of the ports of my machine?

How can I query my modem from command prompt?

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Windows XP not consist option -t use

netstat -aon

and not use -t option in all command, or copy to Windows XP netstat W2K3 version.

Windows 2003 Server:

All TCP+UDP connection, local address, foreign address, state, PID, Offload State

netstat -aton

previos command output and Application name

netstat -baton

All TCP+UDP connection except multicast or any address

netstat -aton | findstr /V /L "*:*" | more

established connections:

netstat -aton | findstr /V /L "*:*" | find /I "ESTABLISHED" | more

PPTP modem:

netstat -aton | find ":1723" | more

var 2:

netstat -aton  | find ":1723" | find /I "ESTABLISHED" | more

L2TP modem:

netstat -aton | find ":1701" | more

security part L2TP connection:

netstat -aton -p UDP | find ":500" | more

Other VPN type:

SSTP - TCP 443; Direct Access - TCP 443;

It's not all the ports, and those that remain after the VPN connection on!

may be help ...

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..can't get them work on XP. It displays this – MD. Mohiuddin Ahmed May 3 '13 at 16:15
Use for Windows XP netstat -aon thx, I use windows 2003 server netstat version. – STTR May 3 '13 at 16:24
Thanks. It work's great! – MD. Mohiuddin Ahmed May 3 '13 at 19:52

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