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I make some additions to the regular runtime in my vim configuration. I add to rtp a directory where there are ftplugin directory, in which I have two files: c.vim and cpp.vim. In these files I determine a couple commands with the same name but different content which depends on the file, is it c and cpp file.

In c.vim:

execute "nnoremap <silent> ".g:formatterTrigger." :call Formatters#Uncrustify#C()<Cr>"

In cpp.vim:

execute "nnoremap <silent> ".g:formatterTrigger." :call Formatters#Uncrustify#Cpp()<Cr>"

But I see by scriptnames command that both these ft files are loaded. And the c.vim is loaded the first so in cpp files I have c commands. How to solve this?

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Don't use runtimepath for that, the after directory (:h after-directory) is what you need.

Place those two files in ~/.vim/after/ftplugin.

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The problem is that vim loads both c.vim and cpp.vim for cpp sources. – user14416 May 4 '13 at 0:21
Did you try it before writing that comment? Since you use the same shortcut (g:formatterTrigger), the cpp mapping overwrites the c mapping so you get only the cpp mapping in cpp and only the c mapping in c. – romainl May 4 '13 at 5:56

Due to their similarity, the cpp filetype is based on the c one. Therefore, both files are sourced, as you've noted. But that's no problem, because the cpp one comes last, and will override the c one; you can check with

:verbose execute 'nnoremap' g:formatterTrigger

In general, this is nothing to worry about (unless you define :map <unique>, which would complain in that case), and you already know the commands like :scriptnames to troubleshoot this issue.

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