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I replaced my new tab page with an extension. Some extensions put a link into the standard new tab page (into applications tab).

Now I can't see those links. Is there a shortcut to the applications page? I know I can copy the application link but I don't want to do that every time.

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If you're on the dev channel, you should be able to access it by entering chrome://apps in the omnibox.

If this gives an invalid URL, you can use Chrome's Internal URL scheme for New Tab page chrome-internal://newtab/ to bring up the built-in new-tab page & then click on the apps.

Note that by default chrome-internal://newtab/ will do a Google search, so select the second option to visit the page rather than do the search

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Thanks, I used chrome-internal://newtab/ as a bookmark. Note: you can not add chrome-internal://newtab/ as a link in an extension. – user766850 May 5 '13 at 14:48

You could try enabling the chrome app launcher by going to chrome://flags and enabling "Show Chrome App Launcher"

enter image description here

This would allow you to access your apps from the taskbar which is a lot easier than having to navigate to the new tab, going to apps and then clicking on your prefered app:

enter image description here

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