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What accessiblity software (screen readers) is for windows that's cheap?

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See wikipedia for Comparison of screen readers.

It contains a long list of contemporary screen readers with their supported platforms and their licenses, which you can analyze according to your criteria.

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Narrator is present in Windows XP on up.

start>run narrator

There is also the NonVisual Desktop Access project which is open source and rapidly developing.

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NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) is a very popular free screen reader. It's simple, but good enough for many tasks. Narrator is very limited and really just for emergencies (e.g. if a blind person works on someone else's PC where no screen reader is installed). You can use "Windows-key + U" to start the Utility Manager, which will launch Narrator (this works at login screen too!). – ssollinger Nov 24 '09 at 9:56
@ssollinger, I agree NVDA is nice. But it's hard to read the OPs mind as to what the problem space is, and so I posted the most trivial obvious solution. – Tyler Nov 24 '09 at 18:29

For Windows Vista and above there is screen reader included in basic installation.

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have a look CoolReader 2, not exactly a screen reader but it will read documents (txt, rtf, doc, html, fb2) and easily export as MP3 if needed.

CR2 works fine with Vista/Windows7.

CoolReader 2 is freeware and portable, no installation required.

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