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I'm planning on dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu on one of my old computers, when I was looking at disk management I have this:

enter image description here

My question is, if I install Ubuntu on the D: drive, will it work properly or would I get errors? I haven't done a dual boot in years and never had something like this before. Thanks for the answers in advance.

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I don't think that you are going to have problems with that partition scheme. Just remember that your data stored there will be deleted, so do a backup. Also, during Ubuntu installation, you can format that partition in Ext4 instead of NTFS, which is better for linux use, and add another small partition to use as swap.

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It should work out fine. Key word being "should", Linux is incredibly finicky at times.

I've done dual-boot situations similar to yours and the install went off without a hitch. The drivers, on the other hand, were a completely different story.

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