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Is there a tool/scripting language that would permit me to run a script in firefox? It is for page testing -- Ideally I could release a version, and it would simulate the user by waiting, clicking, inputting content, and also had some ability to do logging/email of results.

I know I could use auto-it, but I would like to use something specific to Firefox.

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its called Automated Web Testing, and as I am a C# developer, I use Watin. You may find Selenium interesting too.

This Stackoverflow post may help you getting a clear idea.

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I found greaseMonkey -- I should have known that!

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There is the iMacros add-on for Firefox. Not sure if it's exactly what you need, but it allows you to record a series of actions and play them back in an automated fashion.

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Selenium is better for automate . It has record and playback option.

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