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Our PDF files open fine from local hard disks, and http locations. However, We are having trouble opening PDF files from a FTP server. After double-clicking on the file, the Adobe 'grey' background loads, and nothing else. At first time it opened fine in all computers, but afterwards it will not open. If we download the files from the server, the same file opens fine. We have tried in different OS like XP, Windows 7, windows 8 with different browsers. same problems occurred. In all cases, the installed adobe reader was Adobe Reader 9 and above(9, 10& 11). After we got one solution that to disable "Protected mode" in reader settings. If we disable protected mode, it is fine. But the issue is, we have to provide those PDf files to our customers through our website. So we cannot disable it in customer's pc. Any alternate solution for this problem? Why this problem occurs? How we can overcome from this error?

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You've tried different browsers, but have you tried different PDF readers? Different permissions on the FTP (at least temporarily)? Try Foxit or another PDF reader to see if anything changes, your problem may be a feature of Adobe Reader (i'm not guessing). If nothing changes, try opening a PDF file from an FTP folder that is marked read/write public. Downloading a file and looking at it in a viewer are two discrete operations, so you first want to prove where the problem exists. Also try 'save as' from the ftp source to hard drive before trying to use the viewer. –  Robert Kerr May 6 '13 at 11:21

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Your PDF probably contains some sort of active element that triggers the "Protected mode".

The reason it works locally is probably that the local computer is a "Privileged Location" and the FTP server is isn't.

My suggestion is tat you either get rid of the thing that triggers the protected Mode (whatever it may be) or better yet make the users download the file before opening it.

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We have hosted that PDF from our website& now it is working fine. But it seems tobe error of adobe reader for FTP files –  IT researcher May 9 '13 at 6:31

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