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When using Outlook 2013 in Exchange Cached Mode, e-mails sent via shared e-mail accounts are getting stuck in the outbox.

As soon as I disable cached mode, the mails are gone. Has someone experienced this before and fixed this?

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Yes. This has been a problem since Outlook 2003. The best and only method I know to correct the problem is to turn off "Cached Mode". I believe there is an issue with Outlook synching in order to send the e-mail.

What Exchance Cached Mode does is allow you to be offline or on a slow connection and still have a local copy of your online inbox. That way you can still work even in an offline state.

When turning it off it will require you to be online and have a decent connection to the Exchange server so be cautious of that. Another method may be to create a PST file instead which saves your e-mails locally anyway, doing away with the need for Cached Mode.

Here is the what and how to turn off Cached Mode:

Create PST

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thanks for your answer. Too bad exchange cached mode can't be used because sometimes there's no internet connection available – jao May 6 '13 at 13:19
Use the PST method then. That way it allows for you to have the information locally and does not require cached mode. – Travis May 6 '13 at 14:38

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