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I was adding folders to Windows Media Player Music Library (via Manage Music Library) and since I have too many music folders, I wondered if there is a way to add them all at once to the Library. It will be a real time saver.

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To make it clear: The Windows Media Music Library is actually the Music Library of your Windows system. Apart from using the GUI that comes with Windows, you can also use alternative command-line tools to add a folder to a library.

Here is an article that lists some of such tools: (download shlib and slutil))

As an example, you can add a folder to the Music Library using shlib like this:

shlib add "%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries\Music.library-ms" "C:\Files\Audio\01\Skrileks"

Using slutil, it would look like that:

slutil addfolder Music "C:\Files\Audio\01\Skrileks"

To add more than one folder, you can create and run a batch file.

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I found an easy way to do it - choose the folders you want to add and drag and drop them in the Folder View of the Music Library.

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