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Here is one for you to sink your “teeth” into! All my Window 7 Troubleshooters will not run. They all come up with error code 0x80070003 which Fix It indicates is a runtime error as I have it.

I have an Asus K53E-BBR21 laptop with an I5 CPU @2450. It is basically standard hardware and software equipment with an added 4 Gig of Ram for a total of 8 Gig Ram.

I have cold rebooted and still no improvement. I have noted that other programs like Asus Vibe 2 will not boot or boot and shut down at start up from a cold boot. I shut down Asus Vibe 2 via Task Manager if it hangs up with an overlay of my Desktop with a dark blank screen.

Asus Vibe 2 not functioning was the first tip off that other problems existed or would occur deteriorating the normal program functions such as IE9 hanging on tabs or shutting down, Word, Wordpad and Libre not booting or refusing to save a document, (especially Libre), often saying it does not exist or cannot write to drive.

Paint will NOT save but otherwise functions normally. Irfanview DOES save and functions normally.

Utilities disappear from the tray or will not boot or continue to function like TuneUp Utilities, Glary's registry cleaner within the utilities package with some coming up with internal and external exceptions. This circumstance continues until eventually the computer becomes useless and not reliable forcing the computer to eventually freeze forcing one to do a cold boot. The computer often and usually becomes very sluggish or slow especially with Internet Explorer 10 of which I upgraded from 9 thinking it would help but nada.

When I have tried to use the troubleshooters and Fix It they come up with the 0x80070003 runtime error. The troubleshooters used to work. I used the Internet / Wi-Fi troubleshooter primarily. I have performed SFC and Chkdsk I come up with clean reports. My Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus has reported nothing nor has Malwarebytes, Boost, Windows Defender or Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Cleaning the registry, defragging the drive, memory defrag, using Boost, TuneUp Utilities, Eusing, Auslogics, Glary Utilities or whatever never causes a return to normal of Asus Vibe 2 or the Troubleshooters or change in the deterioration of the other programs and functions but rather just the intended overall improvements.

The word processors usually return to normal, not always with Word, but all of them seem to improve or return to normal as well as computer speed after a cold boot and then they start the deterioration progression all over again as the computer is used generally.

I have found one other person, "Idaho_Biker", on the Internet who has had the troubleshooter problem and has presented it to the Microsoft Support Forum and CNET Forum and both are coming up with dead ends thus far. See:

MICROSOFT: Just add the "http://" in front of the word "answers" in the next line:



and CNET:


So the question remains, does anyone have any suggestions or revelations of solutions to these problems?

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you've damaged Window with useless registry damage tools. Backup all data, reinstall Windows and never install such destroy tools again. –  magicandre1981 May 7 '13 at 4:36

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