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I'be been running my email trough CentOS server for 6 years now, but managed by WHM. The server however has to go, as I'm selling my main site.

Therefore, I now have to setup all my personal emails somewhere else. I am going to kill my personal site (haven't updated it in 4 years), so I don't need WHM anymore.

So I've got a new server running CentOS 6.4, but I don't want to have WHM/Cpanel here. Not even Apache (httpd).

So, what would be the best way to setup my emails? I would like to use some desktop email client (eg. Geary). SO I just need something that can handle POP/IMAP and possibly encrypt the emails (been using Gmail till now, but with all ACTA/PIPA and other crap going on, I no longer wish to have my email at Google).

So I don't want httpd (I'm also using this server as OpenVPN server), just some email solution and possibly MySQL database for email accounts.

What tools should I use? Any tutorial you guys recommend?

EDIT: To make things easier, I could also just have 1 email account and have all other emails (from anything@allmydomains.com) redirected to inbox of main email.

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