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I want to setup a Ubuntu Virtual Box having different Windows version, and allow multiple users to remotely access the desired window machine from their own Ubuntu Installation simultaneously.

I've installed Virtual Box, created a Windows 7 Machine, but how I'm supposed to access remotely i.e VNC.?? What server I've to setup?

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Depending on your version of Windows 7 (i.e., Professional or above), you can enable Remote Desktop Services, and then simply forward port 3389 from the host to the guest; this will enable your users to connect directly to the VM with a Microsoft Terminal Services client (on Windows, mstsc; on Linux, tsclient or Remmina; on OS X, Microsoft's Remote Desktop client), without needing to open a VNC or other connection to the Ubuntu host first.

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thanks, Will try if it works. – umesh May 7 '13 at 15:00

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