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I've been very happy with my Windows XP SP3 box, but right now it is shutting down, and has been for 15 minutes, pausing while "Installing update 1 of 1..", this then changes to "Do not turn off or unplug your computer; it will turn off automatically." and then back.

Normally I hate to interfere with this kind of thing, but right now it seems like something is wrong. In fact, the screen just blanked into power-save mode, but it keeps going after I hit a key.

What possible update is out there this week [Oct 19-23 2009] (I just did an update last week) and is it supposed to take a very long time?

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An update that disables and deletes XP completely now that Windows 7 is out ;) – Nick Josevski Oct 23 '09 at 4:28
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It was a hotfix to Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 2.0. These are parts of the "huge patch" from last week. So my timeframe was off by a week. These kinds of things can be searched for at the security bulletins pages.

But my real issue was that the patch was so huge it wouldn't install in the little free space I had left (600MB).

Now I really have a reason to slap in the 5 500GB disks I bought last year and never setup because I actually wanted them to run on a solaris machine as a raid-z pool. That ended up not happening, yet.

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Any particular reason your hard drive is spilling over? System performance is usually best while you're still below the 75 % full mark. Having only 600 MiB free sounds not very fun to use. – Joey Oct 23 '09 at 6:39
It's only 600MB on the C partition, the D, E, and F partitions have 1, 2 and 50GB free respectively, and I found that it wasn't killing me. – dlamblin Oct 23 '09 at 23:01

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