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At work, we have an Access 2000 database to store our part specifications in (I know it's old, and we're working on something newer), but I've got two Windows XP Professional SP3 computers that when a specific database is opened, none of the forms will print (forms, not reports...). I can open a different Access database and printing will work just fine. If you watch the print queue while printing from the problematic database, then you will notice that for just a second a new print job appears, but quickly goes away and nothing is printed.

No other application or databases experience this problem. If you use another application like Notepad to print something then it works just fine. This seems to be limited just to the two computers I already mentioned. Other computers with the same OS and Access version do not experience the problem.

I have already tried restarting the print spooler, and even the PC itself.

Note: Unfortunately, upgrading or re-installing Access is not really a feasible option as it always breaks some other software that we have running on the PC.

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For clarification, are you trying to print the form view or did you mean report? –  CharlieRB May 7 '13 at 19:47
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