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Please help me create a Powershell script that will go through an XML file and update content. In the example below, I want to use the script to pull out and change the file path in the Config.button.command example. Change C:\Prog\Laun.jar to C:\Prog32\folder\test.jar.

     C:\sy32\java.exe -jar "C:\Prog\Laun.jar" YAHOO.COM --type SPNG --port 80
       C:\sy32\java.exe -jar "C:\Prog\Laun.jar" YAHOO.COM --type JET --port 80
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$configFile = 'test.xml'

$xml = [xml](Get-Content -Path $configFile -Encoding Ascii)

foreach($button in $xml.SelectNodes('/config/button')) {

    $button.command = $button.command.Replace('C:\Prog\Laun.jar', 'C:\Prog32\folder\test.jar')

$xml.InnerXml | Out-File -FilePath $configFile -Encoding ascii
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