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As the title says, I'm trying to create a sym link for my Sublime_text launcher, I did:

sudo ln -s /path/to/sublime_text /usr/bin/subl

and when I ls /usr/bin the blue subl link is there. Then I restarted my terminal, and ran ./subl and also subl --- I get the error:

bash: subl: command not found

I'm not sure what I did wrong, my echo $PATH is:

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What happens when you run /path/to/sublime_text? Is this the correct target file for the symlink? – Daniel Beck May 8 '13 at 17:37

if /usr/bin is in your path (as you point out), you should be able to just type subl anywhere from the command line. So this is without the ./

./ means "from the current directory". That would only make sense if you were in /usr/bin.

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The error message shown (bash: subl: command not found) only occurs when not typing ./. – Daniel Beck May 11 '13 at 7:15
"Then I restarted my terminal, and ran ./subl and also subl --- I get the error" > seems like het gets the error message regardless of whether he uses ./ – Vincent May 11 '13 at 18:52
In the first case, it'll probably say bash: ./subl: No such file or directory. In any case, this answer won't solve his problem, as he tired both with and without ./. – Daniel Beck May 11 '13 at 19:23

I realize this is old, but I thought I'd put in my input if anyone else wander in here, as I had the same problem.

In my case it was a silly mistake of having my command look like:

ln -s "/home/username/Sublime\ Text\ 2/sublime_text" sublime

As opposed to without \ or without " Bash isn't very helpful in telling you that your link is bad if you're linking to a file as opposed to a directory.

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