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Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

I have download an icon set of over 1,000 icons, and all of the files start with "appbar", for example: "" In order to find what I'm looking for I need scroll through over 1,000 files to find the right one. Upon trying the windows search bar in explorer, with the icon folder open, I didn't get the expected results. I typed "mail" and it didn't give any results. I also tried "*mail", which didn't give any results. Thinking it was looking for the entire file name, I tried "appbar.mail", and that also didn't show the "appbar.mail" file (no results). How can I search for parts of file names using the search bar in the explorer folder?

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Check out this page to see if your search settings are properly configured.

The Windows 7 search should work as "bring me back any file that contains the phrase I type in, or has that phrase in the filename". But it seems as if in your case it doesn't.

You can also try adding ext: file-extension for the specific file-extension. In this case, I'm assuming it's '.ico'.

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Checking the "Don't use the index when searching in the file folders for system files" box fixed the issue. Thanks. – Novicode May 8 '13 at 20:36

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