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I have a domain pointing to my home network. Router and net connection was upgraded recently. keeping the same fix IP address as it's the same provider. So no changes on the IP association with the Domain.

I could reach before, from the internal network, my site either with <http://www.domain> or <http://domain> from any device.

On my domain provider I had set <*.domain> as well as to point to my IP address, that has not changed.

Now since the upgrade, from my internal network I cannot reach the site if I type <http://www.domain> but yes if I type <http://domain>. The same happens on mac and PC.

The funny thing is that if I use Google Chrome the address get's resolved either way.

On Mac using Safari don't show any traffic at all (I have checked using wireshark) but if I open a terminal and do curl <www.domain> reaches the page fine and since that moment Safari knows how to reach <http://www.domain>.

It looks that it's a DNS resolution issue but I don't know where should I be looking at.

In case help router is Technicolor TG582n

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