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I've installed Homebrew and fixed all of the errors that brew doctor reports, except this one:

martinjames$ brew doctor
Warning: An outdated version of Git was detected in your PATH.
Git 1.7.10 or newer is required to perform checkouts over HTTPS from GitHub.
Please upgrade: brew upgrade git

I take homebrew's advice:

martinjames$ brew upgrade git
Error: git not installed

So, I check for git:

martinjames$ which git

And I check for the version:

martinjames$ git --version
git version

What's next?

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So the answer involved two things. First, I needed to do this:

brew update

And then this:

brew install git

The brew doctor command reported a problem with my path, so I ended up creating a .bash_profile in my home directory to make sure /usr/local/bin came before /usr/bin.

Now I'm ready to brew!

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