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Yes it's true! old foxpro 2.6 for windows applications are still alive and working great on windows 8 32-bit. However there is a problem on tablet pc: tapping does NOTHING in those old applications. I expected that touch screen tap would be same as mouse left-click but it's not. I've tried even older application (calc.exe from windows 3.1 !) and it works perfectly , tap on the screen works just like left-click on the mouse...?? Any suggestion please, solution maybe (other than telling me to use bluetooth mouse)? Thanks in advance. Best regards.

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OK, no bluetooth mouse tip. How do you expect that current-day technology can be applied to software that was written over a decade ago? How about upgrading to a database of the 21st century? Access in its most recent three versions should work just fine with a touch screen. If you insist on using Foxpro 2.6, then use a desktop with XP. If you want to use a touch screen and show off in public, tapping away nonchalantly at crude, badly designed user interfaces, bite the bullet and use a current database. If you want to use Win 8 in the quiet of your office, just use a flipping mouse. – teylyn May 9 '13 at 7:54
thx for trying to help but it's not for showing off. it's for use in a warehouse and upgrading software to new platform would be too expensive , not in plans for next 2 years. it's shame there are so many emulators for old dos games tho, and no simple emulator that makes your touch screen behave like and old mouse – neretva_1966 May 9 '13 at 10:02
Now I've tried some other things: I installed teamviewer. My old application is on XP SP3 and I run it (via teamviewer) using my windows 8 tablet. Everything works great. So some emulation happened , I use touchscreen on my tablet and it works just like a mouse on that XP machine. I thought there could be some kind of emulation like that , just locally, on my tablet..?? Any help would be apreciated – neretva_1966 May 9 '13 at 10:46

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