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Im looking for a 64 bit, minimalistic replacement shell for Windows XP/Vista/7. Any ideas?

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Emerge Desktop is available as 64bit.

LiteStep is only 32bit, as far as I see it.

GeoShell is also only 32bit.

All found via a quick google. Sorry, but you really need to google your things first, instead of making the community here do the work for you.

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Emerge looks terrible. – Devil's Advocate Jun 20 '12 at 3:24

Gotta love the Jackboots and the way they always tell you to use Google, eh? Yeah, I been browsing for alt shells too. Just installed Talisman on Windows 7 64 bit, and it seems to work like it's supposed to. BUt I uninstalled it because it doesn't live up to my expectations. Litestep community is currently working on getting their shell compatible with 7, but no clue about 64 bit atm. I run Litestep on my XP 32 bit machine, and it is not only the shell I prefer, but also the one I would suggest using. There are a few other shells out there, but none that really catch my eye as far as usability, or cosmetic beauty. If you would just like to make your windows look better, I was running Windowblinds on my Vista 64 bit OS until I replaced the system with 7. Currently their is no compatible version of Windowblinds that operates with 7, however.

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