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I clicked "Refresh my files" on Windows 8 by mistake some times ago and it has deleted all my drivers.

I did some research and found a driver that let me connect to the internet via wireless network but for some reason it has stopped working.

Initially it just started to get disabled automatically in Device Manager so I usually just had to enable it again; but this time the problem is different.

I have a Acer Aspire 5750 but all the drivers before I clicked "Refresh my files" were from Intel.

I tried looking for the Intel versions but I'm not sure of the exact name, each one that I have downloaded ended to be not compatible with my system.

If somebody could point me out where to look for those files it would be greatly appreciated. I never got an installation disk so I cant try that either.

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Why aren't you checking Acer's support site for their official drivers? They've got Win8 drivers for your model . . . –  ernie May 9 '13 at 20:52
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You should go to the Download section of the Acer website.

From there, you should first select the product type ("Notebook, Ultrabook" in your case), then the series ("Aspire"), then the model ("Aspire 5750" or "aspire 5750G", be sure to check your exact model).

Beneath those selectors another frame will be opened, be sure to select the correct operating system from the dropdown menu, and download the drivers that you need.

These are the ones that you need to use. I also have an Acer laptop and when I've been in need to upgrade or reinstall some drivers, I've always downloaded them from there.

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Most of the Acer Aspire 5750 line used an Atheros chipset, not an Intel chipset, so double check what you have installed (you should be able to open the laptop and see the wifi card).

If it is Atheros, they don't make their drivers available for download directly, and normally provides updates through the Windows Update service. Try deleting the wireless adapter from Device Manager and having Windows re-find the device and load the driver automatically.

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