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My college requires a local gateway authentication webpage after connecting to their wifi, so I would like to make my macbook pro to automatically run curl with the proper user and password when I connect to their wifi ssid. I am not sure where I would check the ssid in bash, or what utility would automatically launch a command on connection to a certain ssid.

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There is a utility called MarcoPolo that can do things like this. There is also SleepWatcher, which allows you to run scripts on sleep/wake (which is usually when i find myself changing Wi-Fi networks anyway). And then there is always just having a cron or launchd job run periodically.

I've never used MarcoPolo, but if you go one of the other routes, you can get the name of the Wi-Fi network with this command:

networksetup -getairportnetwork en1 

(Replace en1 by your Wi-Fi interface name)

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