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I have installed VM workstation 9 on my windows 7 64x, my environment specification are as follow:

  1. windows 7 professional 64x

  2. 32 GB RAM

  3. 670 GB hard disk

  4. VM workstation 9

  5. create a new VM and I mount and ISO image of windows server 2008 data center (I gave the VM 16 GB RAM).

the problem I am facing is as follow:-

  1. I have installed the windows successfully.

  2. but after the first installation the VM will restart then it will hangs on the following black screen "VM starting . press f2 "to enter setup, f12 for network boost......"

  3. I remove the VM re-install another one and the same problem is still there.

So ant one can advice on what the problem might be?


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Did you check google if there are any compatibility issues?

Did you check the settings of the windows environment you installed as a guest OS?

Hows the HDD set up on the VM?

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HD is set up as single imag – John Peter May 10 '13 at 15:28
Did the image ever load successfully? Are you able to go safemode? – user2347237 May 10 '13 at 16:57

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