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I was wondering about where the mountpoint of the usb device is where the arch live distro lies on. I am asking this because I am not able to mount the usb device where the arch live distro lies on to copy data from my hdd to the further referenced usb device.

So how i'd be able to mount my usb device with the arch distro to copy data on it?

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I would assume you get an error message when you try to mount it, if so - what is it? But logic suggests, at least to me, that if you are booted from it - then it is already mounted (probably as /dev/sda). If you are unsure of which drives are attached, then you could use fdisk -l, assuming you are not on a GUID disc. – nerdwaller May 10 '13 at 20:54
Well the error message is sth. Like "the partition is already mounted at..." which is absolutely true as you said. My only question is where to copy data to. I tried to copy to the home directory of my live system but it seems that it's only temporary so i am wondering about this thing. When i mount another device i can access it over the mountpoint. – DmiN May 10 '13 at 21:45

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