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I wanted to update my personal data on my Skype account, so I clicked the Manage button in the Skype UI. That took me to where I could edit the information.

When I was done editing, I clicked the Save button. A password promt appeared ("Please confirm your password, we're just being extra safe.") I typed my Skype password (which I know to be correct, since I always use it to log in), but I got the reply "Oops, that wasn't the right password. Try again."

I tried about ten times.

Apparently, the password used on the personal info page isn't the same that I use to log in in the Skype UI. Since I have no idea what the latter password might be, I tried to click the Change password button on Then I got to a list of my accounts. This list only contained one item, namely, Microsoft account. So I chose to reset or change [this] password.

But then I ended up on an error page, saying that Messenger has moved to Skype. I was left with no option to change my password.

I also found this page:

I made a request there by entering my e-mail address. I got a mail with a link, but clicking this only takes me to yet another error message: "Sorry that password token is not recognized, please try entering it again or get another password token."

Entering the code manually doesn't help.

I suppse I should just give up the idea of updating my personal info, shouldn't I?

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Also, computer software was clearly more 'mature' in the past. Indeed, in the past, a computer application would say 'Incorrect password' like any adult, but now it's 'Oops, that wasn't the right password' like an adolescent. – Andreas Rejbrand May 10 '13 at 21:35
Try and just change your Microsoft Account password then use your Microsoft Account ( ) address to log into Skype. – Ramhound May 10 '13 at 21:56
I also had no problem changing my Skype password: if neither of these options work just open a support ticket through Skype's website. – Ramhound May 10 '13 at 22:01

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