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My netbook that I'm using now doesn't have a desktop anymore and I can't use the browser now because of the anti-virus pop up that advertises me to purchase something "premium". Then I clicked "buy" and my browser opened a popup.

What I can only see is a blue screen all over my LCD, and my cursor. What do you think is the problem? And how can I fix this without reformatting my netbook, because I have my thesis files here?

I can't even see my start button and taskbar.

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Sounds like a really bad Virus.

I would go buy two flash drives. Install a linux live disc on one, boot into that on your netbook (to mitigate the risk of virus spreading) and copy your thesis (and other important files) to the other one.

Then do extensive scans with

If that fails and you still see symptoms, then reformat. Generally with these types of viruses, it's easier to reformat than rid yourself of all that... But that's up to you I guess.

Oh, and change your credit card number if you tried to actually buy anything...

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