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is it possible to swap screen between monitors? 1 -> 2 and 2 -> 1 , with hotkey ? im looking to swap the entire screen, i found a lot of software like Winsplit, DualMon(SwapScreen) and SwapMon , but all those applications the only thing they do is to change the position of an active windows , but im looking for to swap the entire screen, SwapScreen has an option to change the position to the other screen but crash, and also didn't work with full screen apps

my current setup are two monitor as extended, nvidia graphics card, and i just want to be able to swap with a hotkey the Screen 1 (Mon1) to Mon 2 and viceversa

My second screen is the tv on my living room, where i put videos or games, but sometimes i just want to see something on my first monitor (the monitor on my room), and i don't want to go there just to check a quick thing , i don't want to mirror my screen because something im on my pc and somebody are on the living room watching a movie or something on the extended monitor

i know exists mediacenter and everything but i like the way is setup now

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Swapping between two monitors can be done quite easily if they are connected as a computer screen and projector with Win+P.

Somewhat similar to switching windows with Alt+Tab, you can choose to switch to Computer Only, Extend (virtually make one screen of them, with the ability to drag windows from one to the other), Duplicate (both screens show the same window simultaniously), or Projector Only.

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thank for the suggestion, i didn't now about that, but doesn't has the solution im looking for, probably i need to specify that on my question, but my current setup are two monitor as extended and i just want to be able to swap with a hotkey the Screen 1 (Mon1) to Mon 2 and viceversa – Joyal May 11 '13 at 13:10
I have a TV and two desk screens attached to my pc. I switch between the desk screens and the tv using batch files which use DisplaySwitch.exe (in C:\Windows\System32). DisplaySwitch.exe /external switches to my desk, and DisplaySwitch.exe /internal switches to my TV. The screens enabled with /external and /internal differ based on the port they are attached to. – AlexWalterbos May 11 '13 at 13:17
i tried with that but is the same as WinKey + P – Joyal May 11 '13 at 19:17

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