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I would like to modify Chrome's user agent stylesheet. I am not looking for how to override them with CSS. I want to modify the default values and add some new rules that would help me speed up my workflow and enhance my browsing experience.

Please also I am not looking for an extension that would do this job for me.

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For Chrome v32 and below:

  1. In Google Chrome, go to URL about:version and take note of the "profile path".
  2. Browse to the profile path in your file browser. Inside your profile folder, open the User StyleSheets folder. Inside "User StyleSheets", there should be a file called Custom.css, empty by default.
  3. Just add your styles in Custom.css.
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You rock, this is exactly what I needed. No hacks, no extensions no bullshit. You just saved my bandwidth, time and improved my workflow. Kudos <3 –  Ahmad Alfy May 12 '13 at 7:17
@Ahmad, you said I would like to modify Chrome's user agent stylesheet. I am not looking for how to override them with CSS. I want to modify the default values but you accepted an answer that does exactly what you didn’t want: override the default values with CSS. If that is what you want(ed), then you should edit your question (and remember to add !important to your user styles). (If you actually want to modify the program’s user agent styles, you’d have to download the Chromium source, modify it, and compile your own copy.) –  Synetech May 13 '13 at 3:53
@StevenLiekens, yes that’s the only thing that makes sense: that by not looking to override with CSS, he meant per page. That’s why I suggested he edit the question for clarity if that’s what he meant since the user style-sheet is CSS. –  Synetech Nov 7 '13 at 7:52
Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work any more, as of Chrome 32: stackoverflow.com/questions/21207474/… –  Magnus Hoff Mar 2 at 14:11
Yup, Google decided to drop user stylesheets altogether even though they have been an essential part of web-browsers since practically the dawn of time (I started using it in IE4 or 5). Their excuse is that few people use it, so dropping it will improve performance, which is utter BS on all three counts). I kept ignoring it’s ever increasing problems by saying that it was still worth it because it was better than other browsers, but that’s just not true anymore. I’m “outie”! It was good 138 weeks. Good Chrome: Sep.2008 - Apr.2011. RIP. –  Synetech Mar 27 at 5:01

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