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Basically I want to devote a flexible, visibly divided fraction of my screen to each type of icon visible on the Desktop (files, folders, shortcuts).

What will I (or someone much more skilled than I am) have to do to make this happen? Seems like something a custom skin would do, but I just want to do this one thing.

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I think this might be what you are looking for: Stardock Fences. Its not free, but its pretty cheap. I know several people who swear by it...

From their website:

A one-of-a-kind tool
Create "fences" on your desktop to organize icons
Hide and show your desktop icons with a click
Mirror your folders' contents on the desktop
Have new desktop icons automatically sorted into an appropriate "fence"
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:O THAT LOOKS PERFECT! <br/> Actually, even better than what I was asking for. Thanks! – theanswercanbefound May 13 '13 at 20:53

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