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Reasoning: I have autocd enabled, yet I never use it because it makes tab-completion a huge pain, as every single command name on my system will be completed along with the filename completions.

Desired behavior: I want zsh to ONLY tab-complete commands if the completed string is not a prefix of any of the files in the current folder.

Example of desired behavior:

$ ls
... (other commands that start with fi)

I guess if this is not possible it would at least be nice to put directory completions before command completions.

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On bash if you do

. f<TAB>

then only file names will be listed. I don't know if zsh have the same behaviour. In general, bash autocompletes using only file names when you must input a path.

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I have the following three lines in my ~/.zshrc file:

zle -C complete-files complete-word _generic
zstyle ':completion:complete-files:*' completer _files
bindkey "^F" complete-files

this binds Ctrl-f to file/folder completion, so if I know I definitely want to tab complete a filename then I use Ctrl-f instead of <tab>. Obviously you can use a different binding by changing ^F to something else. The result:

$ ls
$ f<tab>
$ f<Ctrl-f>
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I was aware you can do this but this requires me to think what kind of tab completion I want before I tab-complete which is a big no-no for me. – user223814 Jun 13 '13 at 1:40

To get this exact behavior put this to your .zshrc:

compdef '_autocd || _command_names' -command-

I found the answer in this thread.

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