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My MacPro would not read the 64 bit version of Windows 7 but loaded the 32 bit version without hardly any problem.

Is the disk likely to be faulty or is there a problem with 64 bit on some Macs?

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I've installed Win7 64bit on my Mac Pro without any problem. I'd say you have a problem with your installation DVD

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It appears as if the CD is faulty. I am most certain that all Mac Pros are now 64-bit compatible (in fact, Snow Leopard is 64 bit).

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I upgraded to a larger hard disk recently and had to recreate my bootcamp partition. When it came time to install Windows stuff, none of the CDs/DVDs worked. The problem turned out to be my two-year-old SuperDrive -- apparently there have been larger than average numbers of failures in Apple laptop optical drives. Since I was still under AppleCare, I had the optical drive replaced and voila -- no more problems.

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