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I'm attempting to install (dual-boot) Windows 7 on a second partition on my macbook. I have the Win7 installer ISO and even a VM running Win8 where I've installed the "Win7 USB/DVD download tool" -- trouble is I don't have a USB stick or a DVD drive.

Now, I could go get a USB stick from best buy for $7, but I thought it'd be more FUN / educational to try to do this with the materials at hand: another macbook, booted into target mode and mounted via thunderbolt as an external HDD.

I thought I was almost there when I created an NTFS partition on the external HDD and extracted the installer ISO into it, but I wasn't able to boot from it. I tried running bootsect w/ my VM on the installer partition, but parallels can't mount Thunderbolt drives directly to Windows, only as a network drive, so this appears to be impossible.

Any ideas on how I can get this to work?

Note, someone had a similar question here but they were installing Win7 into a VM, whereas I'm looking to install it into an internal partition so I can dual-boot. Other similar questions exist too, but involve scenarios where bootsect can be used.

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