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I use the Track Changes feature of Word extensively as I work with several other people on the same document.

I always need to approve the comments when going over the changes, this gets very tedious in the long run. I approved each comment several times now, yet I always need to approve them again and again.

Is there any way how I can ignore comments when tracking/approving changes?

I only want to work with actual changes to the document text, not with the comments (which don't change anyway).


I am using MS Word 2010 under Windows 7

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The comments is part of the word file .. so, there's no way .. – matzone May 13 '13 at 7:22
@matzone: then how come that even if I do approve each comment, I need to approve the comments again when I open the file again? – gojira May 13 '13 at 7:56
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On the Review tab, in the Tracking group, there is a Show Markup dropdown. If you uncheck Comments, the comments will not be displayed and going through the tracked changes will skip them (since they can't be seen anyway). If there are no other tracked changes, trying to go to the next change makes Word pop up a message that all comments and tracked changes are hidden.

Note that accepting and rejecting comments works differently than accepting or rejecting changes. Accepting a comment does nothing; rejecting a comment deletes the comment. The main buttons on the Review tab are somewhat confusingly named; they are actually Accept/Reject and move to next, not just Accept and Reject. (Accept/Reject and stay where I am are on the main buttons' dropdown menus.) For comments, that actually translates to Do nothing and move to next and Delete comment and move to next; that's why you had to "accept" them every time you through the document.

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