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How can I take a screenshot of my PC's BIOS?

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Take a camera, point it at the screen and take a picture.

Unless you have some kind of very fancy KVM switch that works over network (no, the cheap home user ones don't do that). Then you can do a direct screen capture on the receiving end, I think. Requires another computer, though.

Yet another option would involve a graphics card with TV out, a video capture card and another computer too. And some hope that video out works in text mode out of the box. I think you can guess where that goes.

Seriously, take a camera. It's by far the easiest and quickest way of getting a screen grab of something that happens way before you control the computer.

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Maybe set it on burst mode. – random Oct 23 '09 at 15:56
eight? What exactly are you referring to? – Joey Oct 23 '09 at 15:56
Was mis-thinking of the load up screen for the second it took to comment. – random Oct 23 '09 at 16:02
+1 nice, simple answer. – alex Oct 23 '09 at 16:40
That's how I do it, 5MP phone camera works well. I've also done this for error messages that are displayed before logging in. – Bratch Apr 16 '10 at 18:14

You can use an IP KVM switch with 'BIOS level access' (not exactly cheap though) and access the BIOS 'remotely' from another machine and take 'proper' screenshots there.

enter image description here

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Some motherboards can be set up to push the boot-up and BIOS interface out the serial port. If your's can, then you could connect it to another machine with a terminal emulator running, and take a screen capture of the terminal emulator window.

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