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Can someone help me figure out how to set a variable path in Windows Server 2003? I am trying to do the below code which is not working.

Update: My issue might actually be that the CURRENT PATH needs to be up one level. How do I set the current path to the current path but up one directory higher?


I tried both these ways.


set RELEASE_DIR=%CD%\release

set WIN_RUN_CMD=runBuild.cmd %CD% %CD%\cmtmp
set WIN_RUN_CMD=runBuild.cmd %CURRENT_PATH% %CURRENT_PATH%\cmtmp

I have come across individuals saying to use for example, %~d0. I have tried this and it does not appear to be working on Windows Server 2003.

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Set the current path to %CURRENT_PATH%..

.. = parent directory. . = current directory.

(ever notice on a DIR listing there are two directories - .. and .?)

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Thanks. I tried this and it didn't work. Gave me errors. However, I did figure it out. I had to use pushd and popd. set CURRENT_PATH=%CD% echo CURRENT_PATH = %CURRENT_PATH% pushd .. set BUILD_PATH=%CD% echo BUILD_PATH = %BUILD_PATH% popd – Jay May 13 '13 at 20:52

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