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Using Acrobat 9 Pro with a Canon MX310 MFC scanner. I have been unable to scan a document as a simple, good ol' grayscale image only. No matter what options I try it seems that Acrobat tries to optimize the file by removing noise, converting some text areas to selectable text objects (thus removing the bitmap region). While I appreciate what it's trying to do the results are terrible and I'm not interested in trying to make it work. All I want is to scan a page as a full bitmap and have the result be a PDF page with a big plain image for the page. Nothing smart, no OCR, etc.

This used to be possible, in fact it used to be the default back a few versions ago. Can anyone tell me how to restore this functionality?

Oh, and if you're thinking it's my driver I don't think it is: when I scan with MP Navigator and other limited scanning applications they scan as a simple image.

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