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I have Windows 8 machine with Hyper-V enabled. I have a few VMs with SharePoint installed.

I want to install VMWare but it won't allow me to since Hyper-V is enabled on this machine. So I want to disable Hyper-V from "Turn Windows features on or off" from Control Panel. My question is if I disable Hyper-V and then later enable again, will my existing VMs work fine just like they currently work? Including all settings like network, RAM, HD etc. that I allocated to my VMs?

Or once I have disabled Hyper-V from Control Panel, if I enable it again I will have to remake all VMs again?

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They will be fine. You can always enable the feature again if something happens. – Ramhound May 14 '13 at 11:13

Nothing actually happens when you remove the Hyper-V role and add it back again. All the virtual machines and their configuration remains as it was earlier. And in case you have a virtual machine on when you are removing the role then it will convert its state to Saved state.

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You can leave Hyper-V enabled but use BCDEdit to delete the entry hypervisorlaunchtype, reboot and install VMWare. If you need Hyper-V again, run

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

to get the Hypervisor running again.

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