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I am trying to partition my disk so that I can install Linux on my laptop, and I have 4 partitions (all primary):

First 2 are C and D, but the other 2 are unknown to me. one called *: which is 8.51 GB of size (2.80 GB used, no status) and the other one is called *:SYSTEM which is 16.47 GB (only 92.03 MB used, and the status is Active & Boot). Apparently there is a lot of memory never used but I wanted to check if this partitions are important, what are this 2 partitions used for because I cannot access them in any way, and how much can I re-size them without crashing anything.


if it's of any use my OS is Win 7 Home Prem SP1 64 bit.

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Is this the OS which came from factory? I mean when you bought the laptop this is the OS which came with it? If yea, those partitions are probrably recovery partitions. I would format everything, reinstall windows and install ubuntu on the other partition.

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