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In vhdl-mode, TAB is bound to vhdl-electric-tab. This function tries to indent code correctly.

When I hit TAB with code selected when cua-mode is enabled, the selected code is replaced with tab instead of being indented.

If I instead run M-x vhdl-electric-tab, the code is indented as expected.

If I bind vhdl-electric-tab to e.g. f8, I get the same problem.

What is the problem here?

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While I can't precisely answer your question, vhdl-indent-region doesn't have the same problem vhdl-electric-tab does; that being the case, C-M-\ or M-x vhdl-indent-region, with the region active, should serve as a half-decent workaround. (I can't recommend simply rebinding TAB to vhdl-indent-region in vhdl-mode-map, since that will hose the TAB key's behavior when no region is active.) –  Aaron Miller May 14 '13 at 22:31
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