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is there any software that can take a file full of paths of files e.g.


so infile.txt would have those four lines for example, and infile.txt would be fed to the program.

and make a tree out of it like an explorer tree. Not to open the files. The files don't even have to exist. I just want the tree view to be able collapse the file paths for c:\blah for example, to make the list of files easier to navigate through and see. And to expand them all so I can see all files if need be.

I don't want it to browse an actual directory tree, but just to read one from a file. And let me browse it. The only options if any, that i'm looking for, other than opening a file, is "expand all" and "collapse all", though even that isn't necessary.

Is there software out there already that'd enable me to do that?

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