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When I open a .csv file in excel this is what is showing up:

Maxtor Encryption ver ³§o rkDV’)cÿA®T7B‡LôŠì£\% i¼r1 ØÕë—„×½é¿wjd ´Íâ¿…Öö?HÐ)vM!W«Va<žÒ LåRpµI©ô Ès?¿%žfÇu9ä½''üÿ¸
´xŠM)œÌ¹¶~Í>;xÄhÀ’¨6É•—G„—É;{™t»_QyÅC²ä 9pÏFb)£P8Õn®qnÑ™×¥ãG¨ò@1
"‘WH熛–çýFÀÆ-?¬b)É\ÀÓÍ× á¥l²±Pdô”(J| „ öO%Xèe–Î8ycXÕʉUI§˜v IËòbótèd‰‡R‘ŠTáL—_fMIXu*TXËÅ¢T¼–L\™6Ѭêá" 'O4׎ç#ûcž£Töej µ¬C8Õú=£lÔ;O¶~—ÀCâ1/¨_Zâ‹ËÂt "–e¹Êx”éÄÏ¿EÔDTíJLHEàêSA´ÀæsˆîœW¹þÿÕOö ½”*çNèá7…D¶÷ç>œîC†EñýîJa÷ØÎ Ì”sòŽT€º3n£Ð&­±‘W_ä4÷‡˜xD·÷þÜ]}¥ÆÏ֏Kj©¿+1ý¢°g|î× ’xãŽ1‰ÁïÆ1ÒJ–ӍlVÃ°ÚÌ„p{G趃I„t¨èÑB£¥£Ë¸Ü9&=L[ßû†ƒ²W39nEQhå³î¬ò«fꈣ&#.ÏïÜŠ œžJî׋Ը³QOCA¦Õ$1†ÞþŽmTyT–@\9ˆ~êaH‘5Y)²PÃ$î" ©ßgÀæ;ötj!vc ý’y‚ÿ1êβˆÄòzŒîVÅF÷Ihrë…©Ååîü
wn!$Žk³tÍË¢TÊ ¢ÙøŠW){Qè6PÛ¤ ¸œ> QÿXÝ•7GYGMEýp'´KÛEŽ$°ø¥7áÇ"LÄæ¾ð”c êWNéÛ_‚6V+þHТö×Éc9×5¤Í­ú±Â*ÍÚWELu$A›Ù«’mê;¯;Ÿó9lhcbï˜Ýöƒû·p„ßÀ0¨°ù°c–ÖzÇ!#ã»ÏË2Yé3•Çv-A%ÄÖ· äuÞ@ÖËD\œuŽˆs…¬ºÛÌk¹öðU…¿‹.úè ¦®_^`¦cU€1hàã”^Å¡ò‰5

This makes no sense to me, how can I fix this problem?

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it certainly looks like the file was encrypted. have you enabled some form of disk encryption, and if so, did you provide the correct key? –  Frank Thomas May 14 '13 at 19:43

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Judging by the "Maxtor Encryption ver", I'd say the file is encrypted. Use the Seagate/Maxtor Encryption software (should be supplied with the Maxtor/Seagate drive the file resided on, or you can dig it from here) to decrypt it before opening it in Excel.

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You are awesome, it worked. Thank you so much. –  Heidi May 14 '13 at 20:11
Nice! Glad you had the software around. :) –  Ƭᴇcʜιᴇ007 May 14 '13 at 20:12

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